Advantages and disadvantages of The 2020 Ford Taurus Made In China

In today’s episode of Test Drive program, Karim Deeb will reveal to you the advantages and disadvantages of the 2020 Ford Taurus cars that are manufactured in China, as part of a detailed test-drive of the American sedan.

Before we introduce you the new Taurus, these are the last 3 cars we presented in Test Drive program:


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This generation of Taurus cars started production in 2015 and today we are testing the 2020 model. This model is manufactured in Ford factory in China, in which the American automaker invested more than 760 million US dollars 5 years ago, in order to increase the production of the American giant by an average of 250 thousand cars annually, while retaining the same standards of Ford cars plants in America.

This car derives its design from its smaller sister, the Ford Fusion, and is based on the same chassis used on Fusion and Lincoln Continental as well.

In today’s episode, Kareem tested the Ford Taurus Titanium Plus, which is the fully-loaded version of this model.

Mechanical Specifications:

The 2020 Ford Taurus is powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder, two-liter engine that generates 240 hp and 390 Newton meters of torque.

The average mileage of this front-wheel-drive vehicle is one liter of gasoline per 15.7 km and the car has a 64-liter fuel tank.

The Ford Taurus competes with Toyota Avalon, Nissan Maxima, and Hyundai Azera.

The price of the 2020 Ford Taurus 2020 in the UAE market will start from 31,480 US dollars, equivalent to 118,100 Saudi riyals or 115,610 dirhams, and the price of the new Taurus that Karim drove in this episode is 38,860 US dollars, equivalent to 145,710 Saudi riyals or 142,695 AED.

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