Dodge Demon Owners Angry Because Of A Manufacturer Defect

Press reports have been talking about a manufacturing defect that angered Dodge Demon owners, the exclusive high-performance muscle car of which only 3,300 copies were made and all were sold in the US and Canadian markets.

Although it is the most powerful production Dodge car in history so far, horsepower does not mean the car is free from defects. Yet, it’s hard to believe that an exclusive high-performance muscle car like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon would suffer from defects! Furthermore,  the American-owned manufacturer owned by the FCA group has done nothing to solve this problem according to what was published on the Internet.

The defect we are talking about in this article, according to what was published on the Car Complaints website, is related to the Dodge Demon hood scoop, the angry owners blame the problem on a “flimsy insert that expands and contracts when the Class Vehicle is used, which results in a sagging, buckling, bulging, and vibrating insert, and this allegedly warps the insert and causes severe damage to the paint.!

A lawsuit was filed in California, USA, on behalf of a group of car owners who faced this problem.

Perhaps all car enthusiasts know that hood scoop works to help cool the beating heart, but these owners assert that the damage caused by it was much greater than its benefit, as they are forced to choose between enjoying their car’s power but risking paint damage, or driving them carefully without enjoying their power to preserve the paint.

Dodge Demon Owners Angry Because Of A Manufacturer Defect (1)

The owners of these cars are asking Dodge to issue a recall, although the American company issued a service last year to solve this problem, but customers claim that the repairs were not enough!

The price of Demon, when it was available for sale at the American company, started from 84,995 US dollars, equivalent to 318,700 Saudi riyals.

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