Ferrari Omologata Is A New One-Off Based On Ferrari 812 Superfast

Today we will introduce the Omologata, a new one-off Ferrari car that was unveiled over the weekend.

And for those who do not remember, our team at ArabGT spoke in one of the episodes of Chat program about Ferrari’s plan to improve the situation of the difficult financial year that it was exposed to after the closure of its factory for a long period of time during the wave of the Coronavirus in Italy, and the company now is playing every card It has. So just days after the Ferrari Portofino M was launched, we will talk today about a new Ferrari Omologata.

This one-off Ferrari is based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast, which was previously test-driven by our team, and the new car is called Omologata as we mentioned at the beginning, which is translated to Homologated in English.

The New Ferrari pictures

For the ecterior design, he designers unlocked every possible area of freedom from the underlying package of the 812 Superfast, keeping only the windscreen and headlights as existing bodywork elements With its Rosso Magma finish and sophisticated racing livery, the new Ferrari Omologata is a clear descendent of Ferrari’s great GT tradition spanning seven decades of history.

Inside the car, a plethora of trim details suggests a strong link to Ferrari’s rich racing heritage. The electric blue seats, finished in a tasteful combination of leather and Jeans Aunde® fabric with 4-point racing harnesses, stand out against a full black interior.

The Omologata is powered by the same engine used in the Ferrari 812 Superfast but its performance numbers has not been disclosed, and it must have been upgraded in the one-off Ferrari. In Ferrari 812 Superfast, the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine generates 789 hp (800 PS) and 718 Nm of torque, and is connected to with dual-clutch 7-speed gearbox.


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