Teaser Images Of The New 2021 BMW M3 And M4 Are Revealed Online

Today, we will show you pictures of the 2021 M3 and M4 as they appeared in official BMW teasers published on the Internet, just a few days before the launch of the high-performance BMW 3-Series.

As ArabGT followers may remember, the 2021 iX3 was the latest model launched of the 2021 BMW lineup, and it represented a fully electric SUV category. We offered you yesterday the price of this advanced car.

We have been waiting for so long to see the launch of the all-new generation of the 2 models, the BMW M3 sedan, and BMW M4 Coupe, which will have the code name G80; and after displaying many spy photos, predictive images and official teaser images like the ones attached within this article, the most important new BMW M Power cars will appear next Wednesday, September 23, God willing.

Teaser Images of the new 2021 M3 and M4:

We notice through these official photos the distinctive green color on the body of the new high-performance car from the Bavarian manufacturer BMW, and we can also see a part of the identity of the new and giant front grille that was hinted in the BMW Concept 4 that appeared last year before we saw this new design takes place in the 2021 4-series. The pictures show the BMW logo put above the grille, and they revealed a small part of the new lights and the sharp hood.

Apart from our talk about the official teasing images of the 2021 M3 and the new M4, the high-performance versions of the BMW 3-Series will be equipped with an engine borrowed from the X4 M and X3 M models. (Our colleague Mousub Shashaa has already test-driven the Competition version of them). The engine we talk about is a twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine 3 liters generating 473 hp in the basic version and 503 hp in the Combination version.

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