Autocar confidential: end in sight for combustion Cupras, SUVs no threat to S-Class and more

In this week’s round-up of automotive gossip, we hear why SUVs aren’t threatening the future of Mercedes’ S-Class limo, why the Citroen Ami is the 2CV’s spiritual successor and more.

SUVs no threat to S-Class

The success of Mercedes’ SUVs hasn’t put into question the future of the S-Class limo, according to CEO Ola Källenius. He said: “We’ve had unbelievable success with SUVs, but the upper-luxury limousine segment is very robust. We believe that with the new life cycle, we can grow volume again, despite the SUVs. The segment seems to be particularly resilient for us.”

Mon 2CV Ami

The new Citroen Ami can be seen as the 2CV’s spiritual successor, because it offers “market-changing innovation”, boss Vincent Cobée believes. It follows the 1948 model’s lead by “providing a unique answer to the problem of clean, practical and affordable inner-city mobility”. He added: “It doesn’t look like a 2CV and doesn’t replace it, but it’s exactly the same Citroën spirit.”

No 4WD T-Roc

Volkswagen has no plans to offer a four-wheel-drive version of its new T-Roc Cabriolet, because it just isn’t needed. Product marketing’s Jan-Ingo Theuner said: “We feel that we are very well prepared for the demands of the target market. There are more urban customers, so we have focused on design and individualisation. Demand for 4Motion in this customer segment is rather low.”


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