Best car wax and polish – plus how to get a showroom shine

A good car wax can reduce the need or frequency of car polishing altogether.

What kind of car wax is best?

You will notice car wax comes in the form of pastes, liquids, sprays and more. They all provide a protective and glossy finish, but sprays are quickest to apply. Pastes can be more difficult and time-consuming, but offer longer lasting results. Somewhere in between, we have liquid. Many car aficionados believe the more effort you put in, the better the result, but all car waxes are worth their money.

Car wax tends to be made from either natural sources (like carnauba plant) or synthetic silicones. Typically, pastes are natural and liquid are synthetic, using man-made polymers or resins rather than oils.

Typically, lighter-coloured vehicles look better with synthetic waxes and darker vehicles look better with natural waxes.

What is carnauba wax?

Brazilian-native carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the palm Copernicia prunifera and is incredibly popular among car owners. It is almost completely insoluble in rain and extremely heat-resistant, so perfectly durable for British weather.

How to wax a car

1. Wash your car. Wax works best on clean surfaces. You don’t want to trap any grime, dirt or grit under a layer of it. A quick car shampoo will go a long way; just remember to keep the water clean so you don’t re-introduce dirt you’ve already washed off.

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