Extreme Porsche 911 GT3 RS prototype seen for the first time

Porsche’s rollout of 992-generation 911 variants is continuing in earnest, and now the most track-focused of them all – the GT3 RS – has been caught testing. 

Seen for the first time ahead of a likely 2021 official debut, the hardcore model follows on from spyshots of the ‘standard’ GT3 variant on which it is based.

Tell-tale signs that this is no ordinary GT3, however, include a substantial dual-wing spoiler with a bespoke mounting platform. The giant spoiler is targeted at generating downforce levels on a par with a fully-fledged racing 911. 

Further differences that mark this prototype out as the GT3 RS include a different design of rear bumper (incorporating a diffuser element) and a revised centre-exit tailpipe. New cooling vents on the bonnet and front wings also feature alongside a larger front splitter. 

Details of the GT3 RS’ performance capability remain thin on the ground. We know, however, that it will make use of the 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine previewed first in Porsche’s run-out 911 Speedster last year. 

That puts out 503bhp and 346lb ft and revs to 9,000rpm, while it’s paired exclusively to a manual gearbox. Expect the standard GT3 to approach that, but given the outgoing GT3 RS puts out 513bhp it’s likely some further fettling will bring the power output up further for the new model. 

Other race-spec details are expected to include rose-joined suspension and specification upgrades close to the 911 Cup racer. The interior will be typically stripped-out to save weight, with the GT3 RS likely to be one of, if not the, lightest 911 variants on sale. 

We will see the 911 GT3 before the GT3 RS is unveiled. That’s likely to be early 2021 given pandemic-related delays, so although not confirmed we could see the GT3 RS in the latter half of next year. 


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