'He's only gone and won it': Liège-Brescia-Liège classic car rally diary

We are staying at Bretten this evening, which is a quite lovely and little known (in the UK) German town with a beautiful cobbled main street. The cars are all parked in the main square as allowed by the mayor – has this man any idea how much oil a hot TR will drop in the course of an evening? They do look great, though. 

Vincent and Arthur Paccellieri in the 1953 TR2 have been suffering, too, with a dead generator. In a fine gesture, Iain Paul in the ex-works TR3a have donated his spare. 

“I said I will buy it from them,” said Vincent, “but they said, ‘Non, send it back to us when the rally is finished and you are at home.”

 I also caught up with Arthur on his way back to the restaurant. 

“Tout va bien,” he said, “but it rains so hard, in five minutes we were soaked.” 

In all we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather, but clearly some have been luckier than others.  

Talking of which, Luca, my brother William’s Triumph GT6 alternator, which is on tour under YooHoo’s bonnet, has been sending postcards to its owner. “I’ve been to more places than Johnny Cash,” it wrote. “It’s been hard to run up that big fan, especially coming up out of Innsbruck, but they gave me a polish with some WD40 last night – life is sweet.”

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