How Much Was Spent On This Old Suburban To Look Like This

Today we will introduce an old 2007 Suburban that was modified to look suitable for parties and modified cars gatherings, and whose pictures were posted on the Internet to attract the attention of our team at ArabGT.

Before talking about this old American family car, we would like to remind you that December of 2019 witnessed the launch of the all-new generation of Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Suburban, the 2021 models, and last month we introduced the new 2021 Suburban Z71.

The old Chevrolet Suburban came up with these bold modifications recently in the US state of Florida, which transformed it from a family car into a very distinctive modified vehicle.

Pictures of the modified old Suburban:

At the outset, we would like to inform you that this modified car got the name Boom X, and without any doubt, the first thing that attracted your attention after taking a closer look at the photos of this modified car is the bright green exterior, in addition to the strange and bold LED lighting clearly deployed on the front end of the car, particularly at the front grille area, which includes a huge and illuminated Chevrolet emblem.

Without any doubt, the crazy changes included providing the Chevrolet Suburban with new, very large rims of shiny silver chrome measuring 32 inches (81 cm), which increased the height of the car.

The crazy tuning does not stop here, as the old Chevrolet Suburban got a crazy sound system with 45 speakers. Placed on the four doors of the car and in the trunk the speakers were also surrounded by green lighting similar to the color of the exterior.

The owner of the modified Suburban car said that it can reach a speed of 161 km / h (100 miles / h) on the highway. So eventually,  we are talking about a family car even if it got this distinctive external appearance and is a 2007 model, which means that it is 13 years old.

According to the information available to our team at ArabGT, the cost of modifying the old Suburban was about 50 thousand dollars, equivalent to 187,500 Saudi riyals.

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