How To Use SYNC 3 System On The 2020 Ford Explorer

Today we will show you a video documenting the first time we dedicate a whole episode to testing the infotainment in a car, and we will be testing SYNC 3 – infotainment system in Ford cars, and we will be presenting our episode from behind the screen of the 2020 Ford Explorer accompanied by Mousub Shashaa and Karim Deeb.

Before we talk about the maps system on new Ford cars, we would like to remind you that the all-new sixth-generation Explorer has already undergone a detailed test drive with Karim Deeb as part of the Test Drive program.

Today, we will be testing Sync 3, the newest infotainment system from Ford, and many of you may not know that there is a different company that provides maps for this system, which is HERE Technologies, a company with a long history that we will be discussing.

Watch The Video:

Here company started in San Francisco as Navteq in 1985, and it provided machines for selling directions for certain locations in USA, and they were installed at car rental agencies, where people could buy directions like they buy a soda using these machines.

In the 1990, the company evolved to produce In-Car SAT Nav systems and in 2004, the company was evolved even further, and provided its services for cars’ displays and then for mobiles (Advice drive assistant system).

NAVTEQ was bought by Nokia in 2008 , and in 2012 Nokia changed NAVTEQ name to HERE because it was planning to sell it, and the company was sold in 2015 to the giant German companies BMW, Daimler, and Audi , after that the company started Open Location Platform maps.

In 2017 and 2018 new financers and partners acquired stakes in the firm including Intel, BOSCH, Continental, and Pioneer, in addition to Mitsubishi and NTT in 2020.

In the episode Kareem and Mousub tested going to the Meydan Hotel in Dubai in the new 2020 Ford Explorer with the help of HERE maps available within the Sync3 system.

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