James Ruppert: £8000 goes a long way on the used market

Rather than raw excitement, buyers are mostly in crossover mode and, despite the fact that an estate will do most jobs, £8000 gets you a 2017 Peugeot 2008 – specifically a 1.2 Puretech Allure with 55k miles. A one-owner car with futureproof petrol power, it seems like excellent value. It’s a warranted dealer car, too.

Although sales are down, there are still keen buyers and great cars to be had. So tell us what you’ve bought.

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Mini Cooper, mileage – 103,517: I’m a colossally incompetent vehicle custodian sometimes. I’ve been putting off sorting my Mini’s ill-fitting driver’s door, which can probably be traced back to the BMC era. Also, it’s more difficult to rehang a door on your own. It helps to have an extra pair of hands. So while my daughter did the heavy lifting, I undid all the screws and then did them up again. Afterwards, I also mucked about with the door strike plate.

It was all worth it. The door now shuts more snugly than it has since 1964. Pity about the scraped paintwork, though – something else I will have to make some time for.

Reader’s ride

Saab 9-5: Ian Thomas said he needed a second car: “The make and model didn’t matter, so long as it wasn’t a Chevy Lacetti. The criteria: 1.8-litre minimum, hatchback, saloon or estate, ULEZ-compliant, fewer than 80,000 miles, full service history and a very good MOT history.


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