James Ruppert: A used hybrid is two cars for the price of one

That will be too rich for many, but thankfully there’s a hybrid coupé you can buy for a massive amount less, and it’s perhaps the cutest and oddest little coupé known to humanity: the Honda CR-Z. There are plenty of 2010 cars around, and I saw a warranted example with almost 100k miles for £4000. It might be better to buy a sub-40k-miler with main dealer history, which costs closer to £6500.

I understand that hybrids aren’t electric cars, although some people believe that they are of sorts. They’re certainly more practical on a day-to-day basis and, when made by the right company, might well fit into your used car life.

What we almost bought this week

Daewoo Matiz: We were offered a free pair of sunglasses with this Matiz, probably due to its lurid colour. However, this little city car is ideal for anyone who doesn’t wish to travel by train, since it costs only £995, can be parked on a postage stamp and even has air-con. But be warned: its tiny 1.0-litre engine emits plenty of CO2, so VED is £205 a year.

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Land Rover Series 3: My 30-year-old Black & Decker trolley is a rather important part of the Lorry. It works just as hard for a living, and this after being bent out of shape – again. Ex-Lotus designer Ron Hickman came up with the wonderful Workmate, but I can’t find any evidence of him being responsible for this trolley, too. I knew someone who worked with Hickman in Jersey, but he’s no longer around, so I can’t double-check. The trolley works like a traditional sack-shifter but drops down to a flat bed so you can double the load. Anyway, I will be bashing it back to normality with a hammer and a vice this week.


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