James Ruppert: better uses for £25k than Teslafying your classic

I was therefore excited to discover a 1986 XJS-C with less than 80,000 miles and plenty of random bills for £12,995. It seemed to be on the button, although I inferred from reading between the lines of the advert that it was a part-exchange, so perhaps it would need some fettling. Not £13,000’s worth, though.

So, before leaping into the brave new world of electrifying classics, consider that there’s so much fun to be had enjoying what’s already out there – sometimes with a V8 or V12.

What we almost bought this week

Ariel Atom 245W: We’ve been looking for a novel way to keep ourselves cool this summer, so naturally that led us to lust after an Ariel Atom. Thanks to plenty of holes in the bodywork and a potent 245bhp Honda engine, it should be capable of providing a gale-force blast much more powerful than a commercial air conditioning system.

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Innocenti Mini, mileage – 4687: I’m highlighting the Italian Job this week on the grounds that you haven’t seen it for a while, despite the fact it’s an important member of the Bangernomics Tax-Free Garage. Everything in there is no longer liable for the old road fund licence, which is a small victory. None of them need MOTs any more, either, but I still had the Baby Shark done, and I will use the pandemic MOT extension to spread out the due dates for the littlest cars to a less busy time of the year – probably August and September, before the Lorry is due in November. I must make a chart…

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