James Ruppert: 'vans with windows' combine practicality and price

Then there is the Seat Altea, which isn’t huge, but a Category N 2007 1.9 TDI Reference with a full service history is yours for £1200.

Anyway, as well as vans with windows, fridge-friendly vehicles are also going to be estate shaped. These are vehicles that, you might presume, you would be daft to buy these days. That’s because the estate car is supposed to be quite dead, except that the used car market is absolutely chock full of them. With that in mind, I think it will be worth spelling out in a forthcoming week just what Volvos you should buy…

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Mini Cooper, mileage – 103,502: I am keeping on top of things with the Cooper. After last year’s fun and games with the head gasket, I now check the water quite often. A lifetime with Minis and related A-series engines means that I always watch the temperature gauge closely. The good news about having had all the piping changed is that I will never have to change the bottom hose again in my lifetime. I think. It is all running well enough, starts quickly, gets up to running temp and pulls strongly, keeping up with the moderns. It just needs a check-over and I must book it in for an MOT. Might do a service involving my newly acquired ramps.

Reader’s ride

Jaguar XJ: This is not strictly a reader’s as much as a mate’s ride, but I thought you would appreciate it. It’s a Jaguar Sovereign that previously plied its trade in the wedding hire business. Hence, the truly awful pink paintwork.


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