Modifying This Mercedes C63 Edition 1 Raised Its Power To 800 hp

Suhaib Shashaa will take you on a ride of the first Mercedes C63 Edition 1, with a Forged Carbon Fiber body kit like this, in today’s episode of Special Car.

When you see the Brabus logo on any Mercedes, be sure it is very dangerous! As this logo indicates speed and excellence at the same time, but what will be the result when this Mercedes obtains additional modifications?! This is exactly what we will reveal to you today with this 800 hp Mercedes C63 Edition 1.

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Suhaib talked about the mechanical modifications made to the star of today’s episode, the C 63 Edition 1 car, before he talked about the identity of the external modifications that it had obtained. The job included providing it with new turbos that are larger than the available ones on the dealership car, and the rods and pistons were replaced in the engine of this car in order to withstand its great power, then this Mercedes was fitted with Snow Methanol kit to cool the combustion chamber.

Mechanical modifications include changing the clutch discs to withstand the greater power and torque generated by the beating heart, and the car has been fitted with fully modified gold exhaust and modified air filters.

Prices of the parts used to modify the Mercedes C 63 :

The methanol kit price is $ 1,362.

The price of the turbo was $ 8,169.

The price of exhaust was 7,624 USD.

Software price r3,268 USD.

The price of the Forged Carbon Fiber kit is $ 11,437.

Our Arab GT team would like to thank Khaled Al Suwaidi who owns the modified Mercedes C 63

At the end of this episode, we would like to remind you, dear Arab GT followers, of the last episode that we showed you from the Special Car program::

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حراج الرياض




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