Murray T50 hypercar reaches V12 production milestone

Some of the engine’s dimensions are extraordinary. Its 180kg mass compares with 280-300kg for rival V12s. The crankshaft runs only 85mm above the bottom of the (dry-sumped) engine – a huge aid to weight distribution, because it’s around half the length of rivals’.

The whole engine spans just 41cm from top to bottom, a measurement matched in only the most sophisticated race car engines.

The 48V starter saves around 21kg from a traditional alternator. Unusually, the cam drive is at the rear of the engine to keep valvetrain noise away from the occupants.

The V12 is semi-structural, using sophisticated mountings that permit enough engine movement for refinement, yet clever bushing still allows the rear suspension to be mounted, race-style, directly off the tiny Xtrac transverse gearbox. The ’box, claimed to be the lightest ever made for a supercar, uses thin-wall casting techniques to make it more than 10% lighter than the F1’s unit.

“I’ve been so impressed with the way Cosworth and Xtrac use the latest technology and manufacturing techniques,” said Murray. “For instance, I requested two driving modes – one limited to what I call ‘Ferrari revs’, down around 9500rpm, and the other allowing full performance.

“The car has the modes I wanted, but we won’t strictly need them: although it’s redlined at 12,100rpm, this engine produces 71% of its maximum torque at 2500rpm.”

Murray plans to reveal the whole car very soon. Despite pandemic-induced hold-ups, the T50 remains more or less on time, because so many key suppliers are local.

“I’m passionate about this being an all-British product,” he said. “The way everyone has buckled down to help completely justifies my faith.”


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