Nearly-new buying guide: Alfa Romeo Giulia

The boot is among the deepest in the class and, on Speciale versions, there’s a useful 40/20/40 split folding rear bench as standard.

In 2020, the Giulia was updated, with the infotainment upgraded to a touchscreen affair, albeit still with a rotary dial for certain functions, and the interior materials were improved. It also gained advanced driver assistance systems and smartphone mirroring now comes as standard.

Prices for an early Giulia start at around £14,000. Budget between £15,000 and £18,000 for good 2017 and 2018 cars and £19,000 to £22,000 for 2019 models. Expect to spend around £28,000 on a 2020 car.

Need to know

There has been one recall, for cars built between November and December 2017. Mineral oil might get into the braking and clutch system. Consult your Alfa dealer.

If you experience tyre scrub when on full steering lock, don’t worry: they all do that. This is due to aggressive steering geometry that allows the car to have very quick steering and resist understeer at speed.

Alfa Romeo finished in 25th place out of 31 manufacturers in the most recent What Car? Reliability Survey. The Giulia has in the past finished in the top three in its class, although this year it finished in a respectable mid-table position.

Our pick

Giulia 2.2 JTDM-2 Super: The standard Giulia comes with plenty of equipment, but it’s the Super version that we would recommend because it has a slightly better interior and part-leather seats that give it a more premium feel.

Wild card

Giulia 2.0 TB 280 Veloce: The 276bhp 2.0-litre petrol gives the car the feel of a cut-price Quadrifoglio model, with storming performance and wonderfully eager handling. The interior’s suitably sporty, too.

Ones we found

2016 Giulia 2.2 Super, 34,000 miles, £14,995

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