Novak Djokovic helps Peugot launch new 508 model

Djokovic takes a break from the court to help Peugeot launch new model

Wimbledon top seed Novak Djokovic was also in car mode this week to help Peugeot take the wraps off it new 508 model.

Just in time, as the Serbian is about to become a father and will soon need a decent family car.

It is the first time the French car giant has held a global launch in Britain, and its top brass were on hand to oversee a drive to take the company’s cars more upmarket.

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Upmarket: Novak Djokovic with the
Peugeot 508 at the French car firm's first global launch

Upmarket: Novak Djokovic with the Peugeot 508 at the French car firm’s first global launch

The car’s equipment includes a 7in touch screen, reversing camera and blind spot sensors, keyless entry and starting, an automatic electric parking brake, headlamp dipping and air conditioning. The central panel now has fewer buttons while the centre console includes a closed storage box. A head-up display conveys driving and navigation information in colour, viewed in a retractable, smoked viewing screen.

Styling is more assertive and features a new grille with the Peugeot lion at its centre.

It’s on sale in September from £19,595 and will be available initially as a saloon or estate, followed by a petrol-electric hybrid.

Petrol engines include a 1.6-litre THP 165 Stop & Start. For diesel, there is a two-litre BLUEHDI 150 six-speed manual with CO2 emissions of just 105g/ km, as well as a two-litre BLUEHDI 180 EAT6 saloon, with CO2 emissions of 111g/km.


It’s not been a good week for German car adverts. Schoolboy Albert Gifford, 15, took BMW to task over its poor grammar in a new cinema advert for its 2-series coupe, which says: ‘It bites as bad as it barks.’ Albert, from Shepton Mallet, Somerset, wrote to BMW bosses to complain: ‘This is grammatically incorrect, as “bad” is not an adverb, so cannot be used in this context.’ BMW said it was a play on words to suggest that this was ‘a BMW with an edge’.


I’ve had lots of congratulations on re-passing my driving test after volunteering as a guinea pig following research that showed experienced drivers were likely to fail when tested years later. I was put though my paces by the AA Driving School.

The School will be at next week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 26-29) offering free 30-minute driving experiences for 12 to 17-year-olds on the Sunday.

Participants must be more than 1.5m tall and able to read the new-style number plate from 20 metres.


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