Peugeot e-2008 2020 UK review

The e-2008 sits on the PSA Group’s new e-CMP platform, following the e-208, DS 3 Crossback E-Tense and Vauxhall Corsa-e, all also siblings of conventional cars. A benefit of this versatile platform is that there’s no compromise on space versus a conventional 2008, but the payoff is the battery’s extra weight. 

The heft – some 300kg more than a petrol 2008 – is evident, especially on rural roads, but despite that, the e-2008 handles respectably everywhere but the tightest corners. Pair that with light and accurate steering and you have yourself a surprisingly dynamic drive – for a compact SUV, at least. 

A respectable ride, especially around town, is another plus. While rivals such as the e-Niro and MG ZS EV are damped to float over speed bumps but compromise body control as a result, the e-2008 is well-judged to manage both, absorbing uneven surfaces but still remaining steady. 

Its 134bhp motor produces the familiar instant torque of EVs (192lb ft in this case), although its delivery is more linear than some and plenty sufficient up to motorway speeds. Change to Sport mode, press the throttle and you feel a satisfying surge – at the cost of range, naturally. 

EV fans will know the serenity of driving with only a gently humming motor for company. Not only does the e-2008 tick this box, but it also offers far less wind and road noise at high speeds than the Kona and ZS EV. 

This GT Line model (the second most expensive of six, at £32,915) has a classy interior, with a 10in touchscreen, 3D digital instruments, heated front seats, front and rear parking sensors and much more. 

The common complaint about the intuitiveness of Peugeot’s latest infotainment remains, particularly the inability to easily access air-con controls through the touchscreen. 

But quibbles aside, the plushness of the materials and the overall finish represent significant steps up from those of the e-Niro and Kona. 


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