Premium Safety Systems In The Chinese SUV GAC GS5

Last June, we presented the launch of the new 2020 GAC GS5 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the Chinese manufacturer GAC dealer in the Kingdom, Al-Jomaih Automotive Company, introduced this SUV, along with the family minivan GN6.

It is noteworthy that Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor CO., LTD (GAC MOTOR), which was established in 2008, is a subsidiary of GAC Group which ranks 189 among Fortune Global 500 companies, and has ranked first among all Chinese brands for six consecutive years in the China Initial Quality Study SM study of the primary quality of China. The company develops and manufactures a wide range of high-quality vehicles, engines, components, and auto accessories.

However, we will dedicate this article to try and take a closer look at the 2020 GS5, which has undergone rigorous localization testing to meet the diverse needs of local consumers in Saudi Arabia.

The company says that the GS5 has many unique features,

GS5’s unique light and shadow aesthetic design concept was implemented to reflect light when in motion and showcases the perfect balance between finesse and power. GS5 is equipped with the third-generation TI POWER engine, with a capacity of 166 horsepower and maximum torque of 265N·m, and is equipped with the latest generation of Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission,

The new generation of the completely redesigned 2020 GS5, also got unique and varied features to meet daily travel needs with a variety of practical safety specifications, which we will focus on in our article today.

One of the things that caught our attention in the new GAC GS5 is its safety systems.

In addition to 6 airbags to protect passengers from all sides, the new SUV has a number of safety systems,  with upgraded brakes and stability as we will see in this article, but after we see the car pictures from inside and outside:



Initially, as you would expect in a 2020 model, the GS5 acquired ABS, reinforced with the EBD system to distribute the brake pressure to the tires. Additionally, there is the HBA hydraulic brake assist system, which helps drivers in emergency situations.

Stability on the roads:

The new Chinese SUV in the 2020 model provides the ESP electronic stability system, which interferes when it detects a difference between the direction of the steering wheel input and the actual direction of the vehicle movement and then it uses the brakes on the wheels to restore balance and stability to the car.

When going up or down the slopes, you will find the HHC and HDC systems especially useful, as the first system prevents the vehicle from going back when the vehicle stops while going up, and the second system prevents the vehicle from accelerating on the slopes when descending to provide maximum stability for the vehicle.

In the end, dear reader, we hope that you find our coverage of the safety systems used in the new GS5 useful. Follow us for more about that best car options available in the Arabian Gulf region.


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