'Simply not credible in the real world'- Telegraph readers on banning phone calls while driving

On Tuesday, the Commons transport committee said the Government should consider making hands-free calls a criminal offence. MPs drew on research showing that the “cognitive distraction” from hands-free calling makes it four times more likely a driver could crash – the same as with a hand-held call.

This came as a surprise to many, including some Telegraph readers who argued that music and talking to someone in the passenger seat are just as likely to be “cognitive distractions”. Our very own Ed Wiseman, however, welcomed the news on the basis that while hands-free calling might be legal, it’s most definitely not safe. 

In a poll onsite, readers shared their preference for whether they thought driving while taking hands-free phone calls should be banned and the response was fairly split. We have gathered the best Telegraph reader comments on the issue and shared them below. But where do you stand? Should hands-free phone calls while driving be banned or not? Join the debate in the comments section below.

‘It is actually irrelevant whether or not this change in the law is made’

@Stevie Gooding 

“The only time I have needed to make a phone call from my car was to contact the AA having broken down.  Indeed, the only reason I have a mobile phone is for this purpose and that is simply because of the scarcity of telephone boxes.

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