Taking The GN6 Minivan For A Spin In Saudi Arabia


The GAC MOTOR GN6 is now available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The family multi-purpose minivan or MPV, was test-driven on a tour in the Saudi weather, and also was tested the settings of its interior cabin , which can be equipped to accommodate five or seven passengers.

The GN6 is very similar to the capabilities of its sister GN8, but it is slightly smaller and more suitable for modern families that need comfort and flexibility, as the GN6 comes in three versions, GB, GE and GT Premium. The car is distinguished by its design and the excellent level of comfort it provides for families, making it suitable for taking children in Long road trips.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the GN6 is elegant with careful attention to every detail, from the grille to the LED lights and the design lines.

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Interior Design

The GN6 cabin can be described in one word, namely “huge”, as the interior cabin provides wide legroom for the rear rows, while in there is a large space in the front for the driver and the front passenger. The trunk can accommodate 324 liters, but when the seats are folded, the storage capacity increases to 1,100 liters.

Taking The GN6 Minivan For A Spin In Saudi Arabia (3)

On the roads, the car runs very quietly and remains calm and steady, whether on the highway or in the city, and when the speed increases, the suspension provides stability around the corners, as the independent suspension systems from MacPherson ensure that the passengers in the back do not feel any difference at all.

The car is based on a 1.4-liter turbo engine that generates 169 hp and 265 Nm of torque and sends it through the Aisin 6AT gearbox to the front wheels, while the car has a consumption rate of 7.4 km / liter – and is considered a very economical consumption rate even compared to today’s standards.

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