Tesla Model S-derived hearse revealed to cater for ‘eco-funerals’

Funeral car-maker Coleman Milne will make your final journey smoother and quieter with a new, zero-emissions hearse – and it’s adapted from a Tesla Model S.

The BINZ.E electric hearse was created by luxury car manufacturer BINZ International in Germany in 2017, and will come to the UK through a collaboration between the two companies in response to a “growing trend” for environmentally friendly funerals.

Based on the current Model S, the BINZ.E is designed and produced in Germany, where BINZ uses a “pioneering” compression composite sandwich construction to stretch the electric saloon into a more hearse-like shape. It also strengthens the Model S’s body and achieves “an exceptionally high-quality finish”.

The result creates a sporty yet traditional-looking hearse which has all the Tesla-derived benefits of zero-emissions, full-electric operation, and a 220-mile single-charge range, 20 miles more than is offered by the BINZ.E’s main rival, the Nissan Leaf-derived Brahms’ electric funeral car.

It is unclear which Model S powertrain will be used, but it’s likely that the base 75d (generating 415bhp to reach 140mph with a 0-60mph time of 4.2sec) will be more than sufficient.

Customers will also benefit from the Tesla app, allowing users to control and monitor charging via their smartphones, as well as other yet unspecified vehicle functions.

Coleman Milne said the electric hearse will appeal particularly to funeral directors seeing a greater demand for ‘eco-funerals’ and customers operating in Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ), where regular hearses have to pay tax.

The managing director of Coleman Milne, Lee Hudson, said: “Funeral Directors and their customers are increasingly selecting funeral arrangements with a greater focus on environmental protection. Our new BINZ.E will provide a key component in the growing trend for these eco-funerals.”


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