The 20 best used car bargains for 2020

Our pick – BMW i8, 2015/15, 30,000 miles, £41,000: Most new premium plug-in hybrids crash in value the moment they’re registered. The i8 is such an example. New, the petrol-electric sports car cost £115,000, but today, a five-year-old example with low mileage can be yours for £45,000. In fact, according to valuation guide Cap, an i8 is worth £20,000 less at one year old and 10,000 miles than it was two years ago. But we predict the model will hit a price point when buyers consider it to be value for money, and prices will firm.

Porsche 911 (996) (from 1998-2004)

Our pick – Porsche 911 3.6, 2002/02, 52,000 miles, £19,995: The values of the first liquid-cooled 911s have been soft for ages, but signs are they’re picking up. More are coming to market with their RMS seal, IMS bearing and other troublesome components replaced. Carrera 2 coupés are great value, and Cabriolets and Targas surprisingly so. Choose a facelifted 3.6 over the earlier 3.4.

Ferrari 360 (from 1999-2005)

Our pick – Ferrari F360 Spider, 2002/02, 32,000 miles, £44,900: Each year brings its own ‘bargain’ Ferrari, and now it’s the turn of the all-aluminium F360. Look hard and you might find a tatty one in the mid-£30,000s, but prices for honest cars start in the mid-£40,000s.

The 360 is that rare thing: a usable Ferrari that’s also relatively easy to work on, even for a home mechanic. Among the many things to watch out for when buying are the condition of the engine mountings and timing belt tensioner bearings, which from around 20,000 miles can be damaged by vibration. If it’s a convertible, pause the hood halfway through its cycle to check the ram seals aren’t leaking.


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