The cars of Ferrari’s XX programme

Based on the LaFerrari, the K in FXX K refers to the car’s kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), which was developed for road use with technology pioneered in Formula One. Hybrid power delivers a combined output of 1021bhp, with 848bhp delivered by the V12 engine and the remainder generated by the electric motor. 

The FXX K has a dry weight of 1,165kg and generates as much as 540kg of downforce at 124mph. At Fiorano, it set a lap time five seconds faster than the road-going LaFerrari.

In 2017, Ferrari introduced the FXX K Evo, an aerodynamic upgrade and weight reduction package that gave an additional 23% more downforce over the standard car (75% more than the road-legal model). 

The future of the XX programme

Given the developments that have already reputedly come as a result of the XX programme, it’s fair to say the cars – and drivers – will continue to shape the future of Ferrari. Bosses have already hinted that the programme will look to develop technology for use in cars.

“XX is a laboratory for Ferrari, where our clients have an input,” Ferrari test driver Marc Gené said.  “We put in place the XX programme, to build a car that is performance orientated and has the latest technology available, and also so that the technology can transfer back into the road cars.

“We also have these Ferrari clients, who are big clients and who have big Ferrari collections, so we value their input about what they want. XX will give us some of the technology for the next models, in five or so years time. “

It’s currently unknown whether Ferrari will continue to expand the XX programme. The company has previously indicated it has two new models set for 2020, though one is expected to be the long-awaited SUV. Instead, the most likely candidate is the the SF90 Stradale, currently the most powerful road-going Ferrari model on sale.


SF90 Stradale hybrid is most powerful Ferrari road car yet​

Ferrari to unveil two new models this year​


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