The Reason Why The New Bronco Have No Spare Wheel Cover

In your opinion, what is the reason that prevented Ford design department from adding a cover to the spare wheel in the back of the new Bronco? This is exactly what we will talk about in this report.

After the 2020 Ford Bronco won the public’s admiration when it appeared after years of waiting, to declare war on the Jeep Wrangler, we offered you unconfirmed leaked information related to the price list of Bronco different trim levels in the American market, but today we will talk about something that felt strange in the design of the newest of Ford 2021 cars.

When we look closely at the images of the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco, specifically in the back, we notice that there is no cover on the spare wheel attached to the rear. As we knew today, there is a good reason for not offering a cover and the reason is not related to reducing production costs or something like that.

We all agree that the availability of sensors, cameras and radars deployed to cover all parts of the vehicle have become a basic and important factor in the decision to purchase a new car, and most car manufacturers focus on providing these features even in their base models with the lowest prices.

So, the reason behind removing the cover of Bronco’s spare wheel is to make room for those add-ons…

t appears that the addition of a rear camera on the new 2021 Ford car posed a challenge for the design department, and forced them to remove the cover that hides the spare wheel so that the rearview camera is installed in the center of the axis that holds this spare wheel, which required removing the cover from it to make room for the camera to show what is behind the car and help the driver when reversing.


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