Top 5 Most Valuable Auto Companies In The World For 2020

Top 5 Most Valuable Auto Companies In The World For 2020

In fact, the evaluation of Auto Companies depends on several factors and can be measured in more than one way, including what is known as the Market capitalization, which is the share price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. While some may use different financial methods that may be more accurate in evaluating the size of companies, except that Market capitalization remains one of the important indicators for companies’ evaluation and their ability to compete and thrive in the future.

5) Honda

And we start from fifth place with the Japanese company Honda, which has a Market capitalization of 45 billion and 490 million dollars and a price of 26.5 dollars per share,

It is worth noting that Honda was the first Japanese company to launch an independent luxury brand, which is the Acura brand in 1986 before Lexus and Infiniti followed in 1989.

4) Daimler

Top 5 Most Valuable Auto Companies In The World For 2020 (4)

In fourth place was Daimler, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, which is the owner of the Mercedes Benz brand

The company is also the largest truck manufacturer in the world, while it occupies the thirteenth place in terms of the number of cars manufactured annually, with a production size of nearly 3 million and 300 thousand vehicles in 2019.

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In terms of the Market capitalization, Daimler is valued at more than $ 46 billion at a price of 37.8 euros per share.

3) Volkswagen

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

The second German company on our list today is Volkswagen, whose name translates into the “people’s car”

As for the Market capitalization, they amount to 82.68 billion dollars, at 148.5 euros per share.

2) Toyota

Top 5 Most Valuable Auto Companies In The World For 2020 (3)

Toyota is one of the world’s largest auto companies in terms of production and profitability, coming in second after Volkswagen in 2019.

Toyota’s Market capitalization is 175.72 billion dollars at a price of 127 dollars per share, and while Toyota occupies the second position today, it was ranked as the largest car company in terms of Market capitalization for a long time before losing the title last month.

1) Tesla

Top 5 Most Valuable Auto Companies In The World For 2020 (2)

On June 10, Elon Musk liked a tweet saying “Tesla is now the world’s most valuable car company.” The tweet included a picture of a list showing Tesla’s Market capitalization of $ 183 billion at that time,

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While the value of the share was about $ 1,000 per share at that time, the value of Tesla’s share rose to more than $ 1,500 currently, which raised the Market capitalization of the Electric Vehicle Company to $ 286.75 billion until the time of writing these lines.

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