Unique MG and Rover prototypes could be ‘scrapped’ as part of Longbridge sell-off

MG is planning to scrap a collection of unique prototypes, hailed as an important part of the history of Britain’s motor industry, as part of its plans to downsize the former Rover factory at Longbridge, according to sources at the plant. 

The rare and one-off concept cars, which include the RDX60, a  family car prototype that would have been tasked with saving the company had it seen production, have been stored at Longbridge on the southern outskirts of Birmingham since the company entered administration in 2005.

The news, which has prompted outcry from automotive historians and car enthusiasts alike, was broken by Keith Adams, a noted British motor industry historian and founder of British Leyland reference site AROnline.co.uk, on Wednesday. 

“These are being removed from Longbridge today,” he wrote on Twitter, alongside pictures of the rare cars. “A man on the ground darkly said, ‘to be scrapped like the rest of it’.”

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