Why I chose a cheap classic instead of a modern first car

When was the last time you looked at a young driver’s first or second car and thought it was remotely interesting? Lifeless engines paired with a dull interior usually gets the job done but if there was an award for the most uninteresting way to travel, modern first-cars would win.

As a young driver I appreciate we do not always get much of a choice over what we drive. Unfortunately, the excitement of having recently passed your driving test does not usually come at the same time in your life as an envy-worthy bank account.

Undeterred by ephemeral and materialistic values, your first few cars will most likely have been at the centre of several unforgettable memories forever to be treasured.

Cramming it full of friends and alcoholic beverages, praying it does not overheat before you reach the ill-thought destination.

Or trying to see how fast you can get it to go, before coming to the realisation that it was a bad idea to do this down a hill.

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